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Nice to meet you! 

Edyth was raised in NYC by Nigerian Parents,  I learned to cook by watching my mom and grandmother prepare my favorite Nigerian dishes. I worked at various upscale restaurants and bars where I learned how to execute the perfect dining experience.

Fannar was raised in Iceland with a passion for grilled meats, hot peppers & fermentation. Barbequing is deep-rooted in Icelandic culture no matter the weather, where hot summer days are few inbetween 


In 2019, The Jollof Joint opened for its first guest. The idea stemmed from our love to arrange dinner parties. It was a way for us to get all types of people together over the joy of delicious food. Thus The Jollof Joint Dining Experience was created. A place for us to cook renditions of favorite Nigerian cuisines with our twist and share it with different people.

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